Monday 24th September – 8pm
Southwark Playhouse



Music and Lyrics by Tasha Taylor Johnson


Cult! is the true comedy tale of an unlikely group of Doomsday Seekers, operating from the modest front room of a narcissistic and unhinged housewife turned dictator, Shirley Armstrong.


On the eve of the Apocalypse, The Shirleyites eagerly await their midnight alien rescue. However their military-like operation unravels with the arrival of an unexpected visitor, who exposes cracks within their bizarre belief system. As the last hours of humanity’s existence come to an end, hysteria sets in and the clan abandons any sense of inhibition or rationality in a hilarious bid to have been right all along.


Will Shirley lose her grip? Do Aliens exist? Is the World about to End?! Cult! is an existentialist musical for a confused modern world, singing and dancing it’s way to all the answers.