30th October – 20th November 2016

Tristan Bates Theatre

Monday 31 October – From Page to Stage Opening Night Gala


The From Page to Stage 2016 season opened with a Gala evening with performances of selections from six submitted musicals which highlight the musical creativity and broad subject matter that is currently being developed by writers from around the globe.


Tuesday 1 – Thursday 3 November – Luna Park


Luna Park chronicles the partnership of Skip Dundy and Fred Thompson, the true fathers of the modern themed amusement park. A full generation before Walt Disney, they created at Coney Island an attraction called Luna Park, a place designed to allow everyone to forget the pressures of modern industrial society and remember how to play.


Friday 4 – Saturday 5th November – Bananaman the Musical


Bananaman the Musical is the live action debut of the Man of Peel, a cult cartoon character from the Dandy. Bananaman’s winkingly clever, delightfully silly humour has been sealed into the memories of those who saw him first, and will now spark the imagination of a new bunch of Bananafans. It won’t be long before we all ‘Peel the Power’ of Bananaman.



Tuesday 8 – Thursday 10 November – Rehab


Join us in Rehab on a poptastic, rock bottom to redemption journey of heart, hips, boom-boom belly laughs and lightning quips. Hearts must be broken and songs must be sung from a stunning score that will live on in the heart and mind as we and our deeply loveable cast of characters seek the ultimate goal: love, peace, serenity and great choreography. Welcome to Rehab.


Friday 11 – Saturday 19 November – From Page to Stage Showcases


The From Page to Stage Showcases allow audiences to see four distinctively different pieces in one evening. Two pieces are on-book excerpts from full productions in development. The other two pieces are complete mini-musicals in their own right.


Shows seen in each performance are: 21 Chump Street | Heart of Winter | The ToyBoy Diaries | Pollyanna


Sunday 20 November – From Page to Stage Closing Night Gala


With performances from all the shows selected to be a part of the season, the Closing Night Gala is a celebration of the achievements of the entire group of writers and performers involved in this year’s season. The second half of the evening will see a Q&A with key members of the season’s writing teams, creative teams, and producers.