FPTS Showcases

11 – 19 November, 14:30 & 19:30

Tickets £16


The From Page to Stage Showcases allow audiences to see four distinctively different pieces in one evening.


Two pieces are on-book excerpts from full productions in development. The other two pieces are complete mini-musicals in their own right.


Shows seen in each performance are:


21 Chump Street


21 Chump Street by Lin-Manuel Miranda (In The Heights, Hamilton) is a new 14-minute musical based on a true story as reported in the series ‘This American Life’. 21 Chump Street is a cautionary tale of a high school honours student who falls for a cute transfer girl. He goes to great lengths to oblige her request for marijuana in the hopes of winning her affection – only to find out that his crush is actually an undercover cop planted in the school to find drug dealers.


By Lin-Manuel Miranda


Heart of Winter


Heart of Winter tells the funny, heart-warming and down-to-earth story of Kate, a primary school teacher in her mid-twenties, living up North. Her relationship of three years is over. With the help of her mum, her close friends and a large tub of Ben & Jerry’s, she battles the harsh reality of winter to find the new hope of spring…


Music and lyrics by Tim Connor, story and dramaturgy by Lia Buddle


The Toyboy Diaries


When twice-divorced Lily inadvertently falls under a much younger man, it opens the door to a wild new world of inappropriate relationships.


From Tom the Tender to Sam the Submissive, via Paul the Policeman, Hat Trick Patrick and Matt the Monstrous (with Old Willy and Philandering Phil in between) Lily finally finds Ben the Bountiful.


Based on Wendy Salisbury’s bestseller The ToyBoy Diaries and written by Simon Warne and Wendy Salisbury with music and lyrics by Andy Collyer, this comedy musical may contain nuts as it charts the hilarious and sometimes heart-breaking sagas of mid-life dating.


Disclaimer: No older men were harmed in the telling of the story . . .


Based on Wendy Salisbury’s THE TOYBOY DIARIES adapted for the stage by Simon Warne & Wendy Salisbury with music and lyrics by Andy Collyer




An uplifting tale of hope triumphing over adversity, Pollyanna is the story of a young girl who transforms an entire town. Pollyanna Whittier, an extraordinary eleven year old orphan, is sent to live with her stern Aunt Polly in the unhappy town of Beldingville, Vermont. Forbidden to speak of her parents in the presence of her aunt, Pollyanna plays the “Glad Game” to keep her spirits up. When tragedy strikes, even Aunt Polly must turn to the Glad Game to understand how much her outlook has changed since accepting Pollyanna into her life. Based on the classic American novel by Eleanor H. Porter.


By Steven Gallagher and Linda Barnett

Book for the FPTS Showcases