Frequently Asked Questions

When will submissions for 2017 close?

  • The season will stop taking submissions on the 28th of February, 2017.

When will the chosen shows be announced?

  • We are aiming to have the selection completed by the end of March, 2017. All submissions will receive an email to either offer a spot within the festival or thank you for your submission by the middle of April. The official announcement will happen at the beginning of May, 2017.

What do I need to submit?

  • You must have a 100 word synopsis, 3 mp3 demo tracks, the first 20 pages of the script in pdf form, and information about the writing team. Submissions without all the above material will not be considered. The songs do not need to be the first three of the piece, they can be any three that you think best represent your show. The script section can include lyrics.

My show has more than 8-10 roles. Can I still apply?

  • Yes, however... the headline musical must have between 8-10 performers and the readings must be capable of being performed with doubled performers if there are more than 8-10 characters. Alternatively, larger shows can be considered for the showcases, as we can condense the material in such a way that fewer characters are needed.

Are the writers expected to be in the rehearsal process?

  • No. For most parts of the season, we do not ask the writers to be present in the rehearsal room. They are welcome to join the company for sessions pre-arranged with the directors, but due to the nature of the season and the possibility of pieces being worked on by rep casts, attendance for the whole rehearsal period is not expected or encouraged. No travel expenses will be paid by Aria Entertainment.

Can I direct my own piece/bring in a creative team or cast?

  • Unfortunately not. FPTS supplies the creative teams for all selected shows. We will take suggestions on casting, but all final casting decisions are to be made by our creative teams.

What is the arrangement for ongoing rights for the pieces selected in the season?

  • The lead producer of the festival is Aria Entertainment who will request a certain length of option on your piece should it be selected.

When do rehearsals start?

  • Most pieces receive one week's worth of rehearsals before it is presented. Therefore, the rehearsal times are staggered depending on when in the season the piece is being performed. The headline musical has a longer rehearsal period of about three weeks.

How do I buy tickets?

  • Tickets will be available on The Other Palace website three months in advance of the festival.