Opening Night Gala


31 October, 19:30
Tickets £15

The From Page to Stage 2016 season opens with a Gala evening with performances of selections from six submitted musicals which highlight the musical creativity and broad subject matter that is currently being developed by writers from around the globe.

Shows to be highlighted are:

Love, Always by Michael Cooper and Bill Connington

LOVE, ALWAYS is a musical that needs only one man, one woman, and one piano.  It charts the everlasting power of love over the course of one hundred years, with the two actors playing several different roles.  The piece starts in the present day, with each scene moving backwards 10 years in time, and shows how some things between men and women have changed, and others have stayed the same – including the perennial desire for love.

Real Women by Jacqueline Ozorio and Matthew Samer

Real Women is a developmental musical comedy laced with real life stories gathered from women on social media. It’s about the way our minds and bodies are shaped, and how that affects our relationships to each other and to ourselves.

It follows four women, and begins on a Monday, when most fad diets, resolutions, and leaf-turns tend to begin. They talk about each other and about themselves, interspersed with real life stories submitted via social media. We watch them tackle everyday situations until finally the truth becomes too much and they take out their insecurities on each other. In order to reconnect with each other they have to be honest. There might not be a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather the comfort of knowing that no matter how bad things get, we are not alone – and no woman is more real than another.

When Harry Met Barry by Paul Emelion Daly

Forget about Sally! When Harry met Barry is a modern musical comedy dealing with love, life and death. Fresh from Heaven's peace and quiet, the Angel Betty Blue comes to Earth like a whirlwind to bring love to the lives of the lonely. She orchestrates romances for trendy clubber Spencer with TV chef Harry, and then bookshop girl Alice with hunky lawyer Barry....but she didn't count on Harry and Barry bumping into each other in the back of a taxi, and rekindling an old friendship!

The Jungle by Pippa Cleary and Bola Agbaje

Summer 2016. A date has finally been set by the French authorities to close down and destroy the refugee camp in Calais, France. The French authorities have told the refugees who are living in the makeshift camp to move out and move on. This is the story of a group of British students who decide to go to Calais to help and are faced with realities they never could have expected.

Connected by Alanya Bridge.

Connected (formerly Connect Four) follows the lives of 7 characters whose lives intersect as the choices they make impact not only on their lives, but the lives of those around them. Connected is a poignant through-composed musical that deals with love and loss, heartache and heart break. We may not always know the stories of our neighbours and acquaintances, sometimes even of our family and friends, but we are all just doing our best to navigate each chapter of our lives.

Home By Christmas by Ian Stephenson, Adrian Kimberlin and Robert Scott

A New Musical in development, telling the dramatic and true story of the World War One exploits of Patrick Fowler, a trooper with the 11thHussars. Stranded behind enemy lines, he hid for 5 months in the woods around Le Cateau in Northern France at the end of 1914 and was taken in and hidden by Madame Belmont-Gobert and her daughter, Angele, in their cottage in the village of Bertry. Early in 1915 the German army requisitioned the house as a billet and Fowler was hidden in the wardrobe in their living room. He remained in this way, out of sight of up to 20 soldiers at a time, for almost 4 years! On Christmas Eve 1915 his wife received a War Office telegram stating he was “accepted as dead for official purposes”. In October 1918, a South African Scottish battalion liberated the village only to find Fowler, looking wild and shouting dementedly, wishing to return to his regiment. He was arrested as a deserter and saved from being taken away and shot only by a chance encounter with his commanding officer from 1914, Major Drake, who vouched for him.


(In Order of Appearance)

Seanna Knudsen

Suzanne Boreel

Laura Baxter

Natalie Adams

Cole Dunn

Taye Lily

Samuel Haughton

Dominic Sibanda

Christopher Foley

Adrian Bevan



Sam is a freelance director and writer. He is thrilled to have worked with the diverse examples of new writing in this year’s From Page to Stage Gala.

Recent directing credits include: Nougat for Kings (Underbelly); Messiah (The Place Theatre); and a music video for Loco Ironico (a collaboration between Matteo Saggese and Joe Cang), due for release in mid-November.

Assistant directing credits include: The Rise and Fall of Little Voice (Chipping Norton Theatre & Greenwich Theatre); James and the Giant Peach (No. 1 UK & World Tour Venues); The Adventures of Pinocchio (Greenwich Theatre) and Doctor Faustus (Cambridge Arts Theatre).

Directing credits while training include: Footlights Pantomime 2013: The Princess and the Pea (ADC Theatre); Of Mice and Men (ADC Theatre); The Phantom of the Opera in Concert (West Road Concert Hall), Nine (ADC Theatre).

Credits as choreographer while training include: AIDA (ADC Theatre) and HMS Pinafore (Minack Theatre).



Zach originally hails from Canada and has been working in London since graduating from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2014.

He spends most of his time playing auditions for top casting offices (David Grindrod Associates, Pippa Ailion Casting) and has served as rehearsal pianist for many shows in town. He has taught at many MT training institutions (Arts Ed, Laine, Central, Urdang) and accompanies workshops with various industry leaders on a regular basis.

Zach has also worked with the London Musical Theatre Orchestra on their monthly play-throughs, and is very excited to be working on some great new writing with From Page To Stage!

As Musical Director, selected credits include: The Addams Family (Edinburgh Festival Fringe); Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Harlow Playhouse); Red The Wolf Slayer; West Side Story (Central); Billy Bishop Goes To War; A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline (Globe Theatre Regina) and Rent (TBZ Theatre).