The Showcase performances will highlight extracts from four different musicals in development.

Each extract will last up to 35 minutes and will be presented each evening.

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
Beverly Ward (Music and Lyrics) and Kirby Ward (Book)

With a fortnight until his wedding, Lord Arthur Savile attends a party where a palm reader foretells a horrifying event in his future: he will commit murder. Devastated, Arthur fears a happy marriage is now impossible. He resolves he cannot marry – at least, not until he’s killed someone.


The Cousins Grimm
Michael Biello (Lyrics), Dan Martin (Music) and Ted Sod (Book)

Jackie and Leon, The Cousins Grimm, adapt some of their ancestors’ lesser-known stories into a musical adding a queer sensibility to them. Their contemporary twists on the stories represent their combined subconscious and reflect their own personal lives. When Jacob Grimm appears to advise the writing team, something very odd happens…


This is Also England
Joseph Finlay (Music and Book) and Raphael Smith (Lyrics and Book)

1957, West London. Prime Minister Harold Macmillian declares that ‘You’ve Never Had it So Good’, but for a diverse range of recently arrived immigrants it doesn’t feel like that. 20 year old Miriam Gambles dreams of returning to Antigua, but ends up building a different kind of home in London where she learns that you don’t have to change yourself to fit in.


Just a Man
Johnny Whetstone and Mick Bass (Music & Lyrics) and Guy James (Book)

Based on the true story of Walter Tull, the first mixed-race British footballer in the top English division and the first mixed-race combat officer in the British Army.

From orphan to Tottenham Hotspur to the trenches of France – Tull’s story is a thrilling ride against racial adversity.



DIRECTOR (Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and The Cousins Grimm) – Scott Le Crass

MUSICAL DIRECTOR (Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and The Cousins Grimm) – Freddie Tapner

DIRECTOR (This is Also England and Just A Man) – Christian Durham

MUSICAL DIRECTOR (This is Also England and Just A Man) – Anthony Gabriele