Gala Night


An evening of individual songs from new British musicals in development which were submitted to the From Page To Stage Season.

The Gala evening also featured a Q&A with host Terri Paddock about the necessity for investment into the development of new musical theatre. The panel included the From Page To Stage Producer, a Director, Musical Director and a Venue Representative.


Stratford Street – from Stratford Street by Simon Warne, William Morris and Chris Morris
Just Another Man – from Out of the Lens by Nicholas Chave and David Kingsmill
Clipping Wings – from The Break by Drew Dillon
Happiness – from The Break by Drew Dillon
The Dawn Comes – from Tolkien by Joe Purdue
I Hate a Man in Drag – from Heels of Glory by Tricity Vogue and Richard Link
I’m Yours – from Like Me (the social media musical) by Garry Lake
Saving Myself for Someone – from Ernest by Marty Hansen and Lucas Richman
Cloudmaker – from Flower Cutters by Rachel Bellman and Josh Bird
Life Goes By So Fast  – by Oliver Payne

(In Order of Appearance)

Ryan Towart
Fergus Dale
Alexandra George
Lauren Lockley
Alanna Stone
Paul Rich
Perle Solvez
Toby Hine

Hosted by Kim Sheard
(Associate Producer – From Page to Stage)